25th June 2014 Summer Outing
Summer Outing to Annables Farm
25th June 2014

On a lovely summer evening, 40 Harpenden Society members gathered at Annables Farm which has recently been renovated to create a hi-tech learning centre together with a kitchen and other up to date facilities. 

After a welcoming cup of tea or coffee Ian Pigott, the farmer and owner, gave us a presentation in which he explained about his ‘Farmschool' where he welcomes adults and children from ‘town' backgrounds to explain modern farming practices and the source of our food.   On his farm he grows wheat, barley, linseed and oilseed rape - and more.  He has no livestock.

We then had a ride on a tractor with a trailer to see the farm and were given an interesting commentary on the fields and countryside which we passed.  Members showed their interest with a wide variety of questions which Ian was pleased to answer. 

We then came back to the farm where we enjoyed some excellent wine and nibbles - and a fine time was had by all!