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Keeping Fraudsters at bay

Public Meeting April 27th

How people in Harpenden can protect themselves, their families and neighbours against the modern scourge of cheats and ‘scammers’, was a major theme of a public meeting convened by the Harpenden Society at the end of April, attended by over 40 Society members at Katherine Warington School. 

Two experts professionally involved in the day-to-day protection of vulnerable individuals, typically older householders, against fraudsters, gave detailed accounts of the ruses employed by unscrupulous traders in trying to part people from their money, through dishonest and shameless trickery.

Sue Shanahan from Hertfordshire Trading Standards pointed out that fraud perpetrated against private individuals was the UK’s fastest-growing type of crime. She categorised ‘doorstep crime’ as being the most prevalent, typified by ‘cold callers’, often offering to repair non-existent damage to one’s house.  She listed numerous examples, to be detailed in a full report on the meeting in the Spring newsletter to be delivered to Society members in the coming weeks.


She was suported by Daniel McManus, a staff member of Herts Constabulary, who outlined the work of Neighbourhood Watch and OWL schemes under the aegis of local police. They were, he said, aimed first and foremost at petty crime PREVENTION, through Crime and Safety Alerts and due diligence by householders. See the Society’s Spring newsletter for Mr McManus’s detailed advice on keeping clear of the criminals.

Connecting Harpenden
Connecting Harpenden

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