Connecting Harpenden
Connecting Harpenden

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The Harpenden Society exists for everyone who appreciates the richness of life in Harpenden and wants to ensure that the town remains a green and pleasant place in which to live, work or visit.

The Society was founded in 1930, is a registered Charity (278154), and currently has over 1,000 members, and a very active executive committee and a number of subcommittees or task groups to deal with particular activities or campaigns.

The Society has several task groups, each led by a convener on the committee who is supported by a network of Society members with interest and expertise in the respective issues.

These are:

Transport: e.g. trains, buses, taxis, air traffic, traffic control, parking

Health and Social Welfare: e.g. general practices, hospitals, public health matters, day and residential care, etc.

Built Environment: e.g. planning, housing, design and layout of buildings, street furniture, civic gardens, road maintenance, etc.

Economic Activity: e.g. shopping and commercial services, state of the High Street, companies located in Harpenden, business and work opportunities.

Working Group Team Leaders
Transport Karl Wingfield
Health Ian Barrison
Built Environment John Lowe
Economic Activity Ron Taylor