28 January 2016 Public Meeting
Calling all Volunteers
At a meeting convened by The Harpenden Society on January 28, for the Volunteer for Harpenden (V4H) organisation, representatives from numerous local organisations, reliant for their continuing activity on volunteer helpers, came together with existing and potentially new volunteers.  

As Society chairman Chris Marsden explained, a key aim of the meeting was to bring to the notice of a wider cross-section of Harpenden residents the enormous amount of volunteer work already undertaken in the town and the correspondingly wide range of volunteering opportunities for those with time to spare.

Among the forty or so people attending were representatives from Harpenden Parents Group, the Local History Society, the Samaritans, Harpenden Helping Hand, the Harpenden Trust, Neighbourhood Watch, The Scouts, Mencap, the Friends of the Nickey Line, the Daylight Group and  Harpenden Spotlight on Africa.

During a fruitful inter-active discussion, there was a chance for organisations to spell out the needs that could be met by new volunteers. Volunteers were then able to ask wide ranging questions about the demands of the work and skills needed.

In conclusion the V4H web site was highlighted at the focal point of contact for both volunteers and local organisations.

The V4H committee & funding partner Cllr Teresa Heritage. From L to R: Ron Taylor, Teresa Heritage, Bob Fletcher, Mary Maynard, Chris Marsden, David Abernethy