Community Safety



In 2019 people were scammed out of £1.2 of  billion and 55% of victims were over 50 years old.

Things to note are:

  • Banks will not ask you to move your money
  • Do not give your full credit card number
  • Use PayPal where possible
  • Beware of TV licence scams
  • Romance scammers can work on victims for month before taking their money
  • Look for poor grammar and spelling on emails
  • To avoid scam phone calls store your friends and contacts numbers on your phone so you know if they are calling you. If the number is not recognised let them leave a message. If you answer a call just say hello and do not give your name – scammers hang up.
  • Ignore traders knocking on your door.
  • Beware of WhatsApp messages appearing to come from family like hello mum or dad I need money.

2022/23 Annual Report

Community Safety - Looking back

Harpenden continues to be a low crime area and NHW/OWL messages continued to give useful information and warnings of scams and crimes.

Looking forward

Beware of relationship fraud with online friendships used as a means of taking your money. Also TV licensing email scams and fraudsters posing as police or bank officials.

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Paul Gardiner